Img_4426 !!Sale!!Pastured Pork Breakfast Chops
Grower: R Family Farm
Price: $5.50 ( Approx .5 to .75lbs)
%> Available (Exact): 4

These Breakfast Chops are a favorite! Best Seared on the outside, then covered and low and slow. Juicy and full of flavor! These are just like the regular pork chops only cut thinner for a quicker cooking time, which makes them especially great for breakfast! R FAMILY FARM Pork is raised on a combination of Pasture/Woodland/and GMO Free Feed. Our Pigs are free of any Vaccinations, Growth Hormones, Steroids, Antibiotics,Nitrites, Nitrates, or GMO's. Our Pigs are happily grazing on grasses, and they also enjoy acorns and walnuts in the fall. They enjoy plenty of Ozark Sunshine, and fresh well water.