Columbia_fbe61f5e-f406-4fb0-bacf-dcc0b2407902_1024x1024 Colombia Planadas Sugar Cane Decaffienated
Grower: Bad Dog Beanery
Price: $15.00 ( 16 oz (1 lb))
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This is a decaf coffee with a nice body, classic Colombian chocolatey flavors with a hint of cane sugar sweetness. It will surprise you with its rich full flavor! This coffee is decaffeinated using the Sugar Cane EA (ethyl acetate) process (no chemicals!) In this process, the coffee is initially steamed to allow the pores to open. Then, the coffee is soaked in a solution of Ethyl Acetate, which is naturally derived by fermenting sugarcane. This solution extracts the caffeine. Our Sourcing Philosophy We use Organic, Fair Trade, Rain Forrest Alliance, Shade Grown, Smithsonian Bird Friendly, and UTZ coffees as much as we can for all of our coffees. That being said, sometimes “Fair Trade” is not all that fair. The majority of our green coffees are purchased with social, economic, and agricultural responsibility, sourcing our coffee either directly or through our family owned coffee brokers who operate a Growers Cooperative.