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Online Market is Open!

This week we welcome Mandi Johnson, creator of beautifully hand crocheted and knitted items and owner of Grace Full Stitches. She will customize the color for you and items can be ordered individually or in sets. These are a great addition to your kitchen or as gifts to give for birthdays or holidays!

Farmers work year round to provide food for your table. Tom of Opossum Hollow Produce is currently reworking a high tunnel. There’s a thousand pounds of composted cow goodness about to be added. R Family Farm is raising their last batch of broilers for the year. The close the broiler operation during the colder months and pick back up in the spring. That means you should stock up on your chicken because they usually run out by January.

This weeks recipe is for something that will keep you nice and warm. Beans and Greens are a simple, healthy meal and easy to prepare. This recipe from Food 52 calls for any beans, lentils, or chickpeas and you can use just about any green. Kale, chard, and bok choy can be found via our online market. You can make your own bone broth using R Family Farms chicken frames and if you have an Instant Pot you can make the broth in the morning in 2 hours time, strain it and let it cool and use then cook your beans and have them ready when it’s time to cook the soup. Hope you enjoy this recipe and see you Saturday!

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Photo credits: Mandi Johnson, Cheryl Wells, and Jennifer Remington, and Food 52