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Online Market is Open!!

Wow, what a week. Winter temps in the single digits, then spring temps and thunderstorms, and now back to mild winter temps. I’m sure the farmers are very happy it rained yesterday.

Produce report: Opossum Hollow Produce broke new ground this weekend while the temps were warmer. Tom and Cheryl are expanding their garden area.

In other news, R Family Farm just put 150 Americana chicks in their brooders. Spring will bring beautiful colored eggs. There is something special about going out to the nest box and finding colored eggs mixed in with the brown eggs.

The market is preparing for the new season. Opening day will be April 14th and it will also be our 1st Kids Day of the year. Power of Produce club returns with new programming that we are certain the kids will LOVE! Tastings will continue with the Two Bite Club, and members of the club will receive $2 to spend with the farmers. We are so thankful to the area businesses that sponsor our market – Cobb Vantress, Simmons, Community Physicians Group, Sager Creek Pediatric Clinic, Dr. Kyle Dixon, and Simmons Bank.

We are also very thankful for our customers who faithfully support our local farmers, makers, and bakers. We couldn’t do this without you!

Enjoy shopping this week and see you Saturday!