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Meet Your Baker.....Skopp Bakery

Farmers Market of Siloam Springs

Market is open for business again! Orders will be accepted through Wednesday at 5 p.m.

Meet Your Baker….Skopp Bakery

Hello! I’m Rikki Skopp and I love making pastries and jam for my customers at the Siloam Springs Farmer’s market. I’ve been baking for over twenty years during which I have been fortunate to travel and learn about bread, desserts and jams, from around the world. I still remember the tart freshness of the small-batched copper pot raspberry jam I first tasted when I lived in Aviano, Italy. It was like summer in a jar, and bursting with fruit and lemons. I hope to provide similar experiences for my customers.

Whenever possible I use locally sourced fruits, cheeses, and vegetables in my products. I use these ingredients to make baked goods like jalapeno cheddar scones, granola, kolaches, pizza crust, dinner rolls, and jams and jellies like apple butter, fruits of the forest, and marmalade.

Skopp Bakery is a family run business; my son, Wesley, and daughter, Aubrey, and my husband Mike all help with the market. We love meeting all our customers and appreciate all the business we have received over the years. We welcome requests and hope you enjoy eating our products as much as we do making them!

I have created a new listing for a special I am running this week:

One package of dinner rolls, and any jam of their choosing for $10

The listing is titled Skopp Bakery Special – just click on Baked Goods under the Categories section on the left hand side of the market screen and scroll down until you see the special OR use the search box and type in Skopp Bakery Special. At check out you can include a message to me for this item and let me know which jam/marmalade you would like with your rolls. I currently have the following available:

Blood Orange Strawberry Rosemary Marmalade

Chili Jelly

Concord Grape Jelly

Cranberry Apple Jam

Fruits of the Forest

Habanero Ginger Jelly

Hatch Green Chile Jelly

Lavender Jelly

Orange Marmalade

Satsuma Marmalade

Strawberry Vanilla Bean (Market Manager’s favorite with these rolls)

Zesty Cranberry

Thank you for supporting Skopp Bakery and the Siloam Springs Farmers Market!

Sunshine and Fresh Air!

Farmers Market of Siloam Springs

Market is open for business again! Orders will be accepted through Wednesday at 5 p.m.

My family and I have been enjoying the sunshine and even opened a few windows at the house today. It was so nice to have a fresh breeze in the house. Seems like we are having just the right weather inspire our farmers as they are planning their planting season.

Market management is already hard at work planning the spring through fall season. We’ve had some inquiries from new farmers too! I have great expectations for this years market. We have some of the best vendors in Northwest Arkansas. I’ll continue to post updates as we work through the planning stages.

Have a great week!

Here Comes the Sun!

Farmers Market of Siloam Springs

Market is open for business again! Orders will be accepted through Wednesday at 5 p.m.

The sun was a beautiful sight to see today! I am so thankful we will have a break from the snow, ice and colder temps. Hope everyone will take time to enjoy the sunshine this weekend!

Meet Your Crafter....Melissa Null, Create4Good

Farmers Market of Siloam Springs

Meet Your Crafter…..

Hi! My name is Melissa Null, and I am the owner of Create4Good!

I try to apply “Create4Good” to everything I do, starting with my #1 job as a mom to my 7 year old son, also to my graphic design work, and then to my Farmers Market products. I first got the idea to make my own laundry detergent several years ago, from the Duggars on the show “19 Kids and Counting”. I loved how natural, inexpensive, and effective it was, so I set out to see what else I could make homemade and naturally! So now I make: all natural liquid and powdered laundry detergent, foaming hand soap, deodorant, lotion, chapstick, first aid cream, bug spray, and wool dryer balls. I also make other items such as crocheted cotton dishcloths, scarves, and foam swords & flower hairclips for kids.

I also want you all to know that I have many more scent options for my laundry & bath products than what are listed on the Farmers Market site. Here are all the scents I offer: Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Rosemary, Orange, Rose, and Jasmine. If you would like to customize your order with a specific scent or combination of scents, just specify in the comments when you place your order!

Also, if you would like to “Sample a Scent” I’m going to have sample bottles of three of my lotions at the Market pickup this Saturday. I will also have bottles available for purchase if you like what you smell! The three options will be: “Garden Breeze” (rose & jasmine); “Citrus Burst” (orange & lemon); and “Fresh Herb” (rosemary & mint). I hope to see you there!

Snowpocalypse Strikes Again!

Farmers Market of Siloam Springs

Market is open for business again! Orders will be accepted through Wednesday at 5 p.m.

Cold winter weather is on it’s way again and will be blasting through Northwest Arkansas Sunday and Monday. I’ve heard the stores in town today were low on milk and bread…..

Thank you to everyone who is shopping the online market and I hope you are enjoying the convenience of planning, placing an order and picking it up each Saturday. The market is doing really well.

With all this cold weather it has been amazing that we’ve had the produce selection we’ve had. Especially for our first year extending the market through winter. Thao Farms wanted to let everyone know the sweet onions are gone and this will possibly be the last week they will have new potatoes and sweet potatoes. The greens will be available weather permitting. They are doing everything they can to protect the produce from this extra cold weather. They are already planning for the spring season and are so thankful for all their customers!

Over the next few weeks you will be getting to meet some of the other vendors that participate in the market and you may be able to buy some “extra” goodies when you come to pick up your order. There are times we have extra produce and baked goods.

They are forecasting below zero wind chill so bundle up and stay warm and safe!

Happy New Year!

Farmers Market of Siloam Springs

Market is open for business again! Orders will be accepted through Wednesday at 5 p.m.

Seems like 2013 has flown by. It has been a great year for the Siloam Springs Farmers Market. We have added so many new, diverse, locally grown and farm raised products which has brought us into relationship with more wonderful vendors and their families and customers and their families.

This was the second year the Benton County Master Gardeners partnered with us on Kids Day and provided children’s education and activities as well as adult education. The Extension Home Makers also partnered with us on Kids Day and worked right along side the Master Gardeners.

The dream and goal of extending the market through the winter became a reality and we are thrilled to be able to keep Siloam Springs connected to fresh, local foods.

Happy New Year to all of you!

We still have match money for the Double Dollar program for SNAP customers. We are removing the $25/week cap. Program ends at the end of February unless we run out of funding before then.

Check out the new Buy Fresh/Buy Local market shopping bags on the website! They are $10 each or FREE if your order is $100 or more.

Merry Christmas!

Farmers Market of Siloam Springs

Market is open for business again! Orders will be accepted through Wednesday at 5 p.m.

*Pick up for this week will still be Saturday from 9-11 a.m. *

The Market has added some new products to the inventory this week: Farmers Market tees ($20 each), Buy Local shopping bags ($10 each or FREE with a $100 or more order), and HomeGrown and Siloam bumper stickers ($3 each). Go check it out!

Inventory for Thao Farms produce has been updated. I also noticed that R Family Farms has several new products as does Susi’s Kitchen. Rikki of Skopp Bakery is offering jams, jellies and marmalades this week but is taking some time off from baking because she has family in for the holidays.

Mica of Greener Pastures Products is also taking off this week. She has made an unbelievable amount of soaps for the NWA 2014 Women’s Living Expo in January. She and Brenda of The Bread Basket will both be at the expo. Here is a link for more information:
We are so proud of these ladies for taking locally made products to the Expo!

*The Siloam Springs Farmers Market Management and Main Street Siloam Springs thank you for supporting the Online Market. We wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year! We look forward to keeping you connected to locally grown and home produced products. *

Thao Farms produce available!

I have GREAT news for everyone! Tang let me know they have the following produce available:

Bok choy



Collard Greens

Mustard Greens


Green Garlic

Sweet Onions

Red Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

Winter Squash

Whole Garlic cloves

Head on over to the market to place your order!

Meet Your Baker..... and Tips for Cooking Grassfed Meats

Farmers Market of Siloam Springs

Market is open for business again! Orders will be accepted through Wednesday at 5 p.m.

First up is an update on Tong, from Thao Farms. As you all know he had surgery Friday and his wife Tang, who is managing the farm for the winter while he works in Tulsa, was unable to attend market. I have visited with them and Tong is doing well. They made it home Saturday morning but said they would like to go out and check under all the row covers to see how the produce fared during the snow/ice storm. They asked that I not include their products in the market until they contact me with an update. I will provide an update before Wednesday.

Meet Your Baker….

This weeks featured vendor is Brenda Welch of The Bread Basket. Brenda is a 62 year old widow who is raising three teenagers! She started selling her loaf breads and baked goods at the Farmers Market after she had made some bread for friends and relatives and they encouraged her to sell her products. While Brenda wasn’t so sure about that she stepped out and began selling at the market.

She had also been teaching the boys how to do some woodcrafting and encouraged them to make some items to sell at market as a way to help teach them about work ethics. She also taught them the importance of working as a team and with the other vendors. These teens know how to set up and tear down the whole market. They pay attention and know how each vendor likes to set up their booth. We certainly enjoy having them as part of the market team!

Brenda enjoys making breads that are not filled with preservatives and uses quality ingredients and honey from a local farmer for her baked goods. She especially enjoys making the gluten free products. Her customers have shared with her that her home baked, gluten free products don’t compare to store bought gluten free items, and that they are “the best they’ve ever eaten”! These encouraging words from satisfied customers help her to know that she is investing time and effort into products people want and need.

Check out her products and if there is something you are interested in but don’t see offered don’t hesitate to contact her.

Phone: 479-524-0202
Facebook: http://https//

Tips for Cooking Grassfed Beef

Interested in purchasing some grassfed beef but not sure how to prepare it? Here are some great tips:

• Grassfed beef is ideal at rare to medium-rare temperatures. If you prefer meat well done, cook at a low temperature in a sauce to add moisture. A slow cooker is ideal.

• Because grassfed beef is low in fat, coat it with extra virgin olive oil or another light oil for easy browning. The oil will also prevent the meat from drying out and sticking to the cooking surface.

• Very lean cuts like New York strips and sirloin steaks can benefit from a marinade. Choose a recipe that doesn’t mask the flavor of the beef but will enhance the moisture content. For safe handling, always marinate in the refrigerator.

• Never use a microwave to thaw grassfed beef. Either thaw in the refrigerator or, for quick thawing, place the vacuum sealed package in cold water for a few minutes. Let it sit at room temperature for no more than 30 minutes. Don’t cook it cold straight from the refrigerator.

• Tenderizing breaks down tough connective tissue, so use a mechanical tenderizer like the Jaccard. It’s a small, hand-held device with little “needles” that pierce the meat and allow the marinade or rub to penetrate the surface.

• Another way to tenderize is to coat a thawed steak with your favorite rub; put it into a plastic zipper bag; place on a solid surface; and, using a meat mallet, rolling pin, or other hard object; pound a few times. This will not only tenderize the meat, but will also incorporate the rub, adding flavor. Don’t go overboard and flatten the beef unless the recipe calls for it.

• Always pre-heat the oven, pan, or grill before cooking grassfed beef.

• Grassfed beef cooks about 30 percent faster than grain fed beef. Use a thermometer to test for doneness and watch the temperature carefully. You can go from perfectly cooked to overdone in less than a minute. The meat will continue to cook after you remove it from the heat, so when it reaches a temperature ten degrees LOWER than the desired temperature, it’s done.

• Let the beef sit covered in a warm place for eight to 10 minutes after removing from heat to let the juices redistribute.

• Pan searing on the stove is an easy way to cook a grassfed steak. After you’ve seared the steak over high heat, turn the heat to low and add butter and garlic to the pan to finish cooking.

• When grilling, quickly sear the meat over high heat on each side and then reduce the heat to medium or low to finish. Baste to add moisture.

• Never use a fork to turn the beef. Always use tongs.

• When grilling burgers, use caramelized onions or roasted peppers to add low-fat moisture to the meat.

• When roasting, sear the beef first to lock in the juices and then place in a pre-heated oven. Reduce the roasting temperature by 50 degrees F.

(a printable pdf file of this information can be found here:

© American Grassfed Association,

Don’t forget that we still have some Double Dollar match money available for SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program) customers. If you have questions about this program please email

Order Update for Saturday Pick up

I received notice this morning from Tang Moua, of Thao Farms, that she would be unable to make it to market this week with produce. Her husband Tong is having surgery tomorrow in Tulsa. This has come up suddenly. Tong had taken a job in Tulsa for the winter and had been working through the week and coming home on weekends. She did not provide details of what happened and said she would do so later.

I know she regrets being unable to deliver. She really appreciates all of her customers and has been thrilled to be able to provide quality produce into the winter season. I know they would appreciate your prayers. I will do my best to keep you updated about their situation.

So, what will happen now is I will be revising and re-sending invoices. I also received J.D. Hudson Farms meat weights/prices for those who ordered meat from him. Your invoices will reflect the adjustment for the price per lb. I will have the invoices out no later than Friday.

Thank you all so much for understanding Tang’s situation. Blessings to all through the rest of your week.

Stacy Hester
Market Manager