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More veggies!

I found more veggies!

Collard Greens
Butter Crunch Lettuce

Herb: Cilantro

It’s just gonna get better moving forward!

Online Market - Inventory Update

Good morning! The inventory is updated and there are vegetables again this week! There is cilantro, cabbage, chard and butter crunch lettuce! Hurry – they will go fast!

Currently there is pastured pork, poultry and grass fed beef, farm fresh eggs, DUCK Eggs, honey, baked goods, personal care items, crocheted items and the herb and veggies.

Place your order by 10 p.m. Thursday. See you Saturday!

Produce and Duck Eggs available NOW online!

Breaking News…..

There is chard, cabbage and Duck Eggs available online this week! They snuck in after I posted the newsletter.


Online Market Product Listing

Watch for duck eggs to be added online soon! In the meantime, you can order farm fresh eggs, grass fed beef, pastured pork & poultry, baked goods, personal care products, honey, crocheted items and more!

Have a great week and see you Saturday!

Online Market is Open!

Good afternoon! It is certainly windy today. Our trash is picked up on Monday and I just happened to get home as my empty trash can was blowing down the street!

We’ve got farm fresh eggs, pastured pork and poultry, grass fed beef, honey, baked goods, crocheted items, and personal care items. R Family Farm is re-stocking pork this week and will have some hams online that they had traditionally cured this time around.

Anxiously awaiting the return of vegetables…See you Saturday!

Online Market Product Listing

Good morning! Our farmers are in full swing, seed starting is underway and planting will begin soon. The outdoor market opens April 15th!!! I’m ready for fresh produce and looking forward to strawberries from Rainbow’s Produce.

Payne Farm will be adding pork to their inventory soon, if it’s not already listed.

We are seeking new farmers for the market this year. Check out our Facebook post to see what specific products we would like to see at market and refer farms to us!

Thank you for supporting our local farmers, makers and bakers! Supporting your local economy is so important.

See you Saturday!

Online Market Product Listing and **Pork Chop SALE**

What a lovely weekend in February! So nice to work outside and get soak up some sunshine.

This week R Family Farm is having a sale on all pork chops! Normally $12/lb, they are $9/lb. With this beautiful weather those chops would be mighty tasty hot off the grill.

There are plenty of other meat selections, baked goods, personal and home care products, crocheted items, honey and farm fresh eggs available. Veggies should make a come back in March.

Have a great week and see you Saturday!

**SALE** Pork Fat! $2

Now is the time to render your own lard. $2 for a 1.5 – 2.5 lb. package. Get it while you can!!

Online Market Product Listing and **SALE**

R Family Farm will be having a sale on Pork Fat this week! Watch for their sale to be posted soon. Time to render your own lard and it is so easy to do! Here are links with directions – one for the crockpot and one for the stove top:

Veggies should be back in March, especially if the weather continues to be mild.

Order your groceries for the week and pick them up Saturday morning and spend the rest of the day with your family doing something fun.

See you Saturday!


R Family Farm is having a sale on chicken frames! Stock up to make your broth as once these are gone it will be spring before more are available!

Normally $4/lb, now $2.50/lb. There are currently only 10 bags of frames left!

Place your order soon!