Opossum Hollow Farms

Website: https://www.facebook.com/opossumhollowproduce

Opossum Hollow Farms is a growing experimental homestead farm. While we resist and question the efficacy of the organic certification process, our main goal is sustainability which does encompass many if not more organic practices than certified institutions. We do not use petrochemical based pesticides (including soaps) or herbicides on our farm or our products. (Nothing that builds up in the soil or in people) Our product offering is centered around naturally raised, non-GMO, open pollinated produce with an eye to soil improvement through long established and recognized organic practices. All Opossum Hollow suppliers are closely reviewed and found to be environmentally responsible companies to the extent we are able to look into it.
Our Pork is woodland and pasture raised with access to local grains and meals, garden greens and produce seconds. Our cows are pasture raised with access to grain by choice for finishing purposes only. They are never kept in a feed lot. We do not and will not use hormones or antibiotics as a matter of course. Our animals are well treated and cared for.

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