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Online Market is Open!

Good morning! Two more Saturdays and we will be seeing you at the outdoor market which opens at 8 a.m. Saturday, April 17th!

Our first Kids Day of 2021 will be on Saturday, May 9th! To participate in this year’s POP Club please click the link below and register your kiddos for the Power of Produce Club. Register here:

Vandevoir Farms Chicken is available this week – ground chicken, chicken frames, feet, livers, and pet food. They should be getting their first batch of chicks soon which will restock their full product line sometime towards the end of May or first of June.

Opossum Hollow has a great selection of beef and pork and some produce as well.

Lee Family Farm has beautiful flower bouquets and produce.

Be sure to order your eggs, baked goods, personal care and home care products as well. We have some great gifts available in the art prints and aprons.

Have a great week and see you Saturday!