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Online Market is Open - New Products Available!

Good morning! What a beautiful weekend. I hope all of you were able to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air and maybe grilled some brats, burgers, or steaks that you picked up at the market this past Saturday.

New on the market this week:

Dawn Denton of Gardens by You and Me has listed her Wowie Owie Bite Remedy, Bug spray, lavender sachets, lavender dryer bags, and more!

Polly’s Favorite Things has children’s items, kitchen wares, and sewn items.

JJ’s Wreaths has handcrafted wreaths listed under wreaths and Farm Crafts.

Rainbow’s Produce has added more strawberries, asparagus, and other produce.

Lee Family Garden has added some new varieties of flowers in their bouquets.

There are new baked goods, cookie kits, and artisan breads listed.

Our farmers, Opossum Hollow and Vandevoir Farms, have a great variety of meats to offer – cornish hens, whole fryer chickens, brats, ground beef, chuck roasts, pork roasts, stew meat, steaks, ground pork….and more!
We have so many new customers! Thank you for choosing to shop with our farmers and vendors.

Coming in June – Bermuda Valley Farm will be joining us with raspberries, blackberries, and later in the season cantaloupes and watermelons. Rock A Berry Farm will also be returning with their amazing blueberries!

Tip to share: There is a quantity listed by all products to help you know how much of that product is available to order. Sometimes several people are online placing orders at the same time. When you add a product to your cart it does not remove it from the inventory until you check out. You may go to check out and receive a message that says the item may not be available and in your cart the item text will be red. Typically what has happened is while you were shopping so was someone else but they checked out before you did. If the farmer/vendor cannot fill the order they will remove the product or may email you with a suggested substitution.

You will also notice, if you pay online, that your credit/debit card is not charged until after you pick up your order. The reason your card is not charged immediately is in case an item you ordered is not available it can be removed before your charged and then there is not a need to also process a refund.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to seeing you Saturday!

Egg Inventory updated!

If you missed out on eggs earlier in the week there are a few dozen available now. Place your order by 10 pm.

Have a great day!

Strawberries are available!

Rainbow’s Produce, Joshua and May from Westville, have joined the Online Market!

There is a limited amount of strawberries and asparagus, green onions, lettuce, and radishes. More strawberries will be coming over the next few weeks.

Polly Shafer has listed some of her kids items and her recipe book this week as well.

Place your order by 10 pm tomorrow night(Thursday) and consider adding some fresh produce, pastured meats, honey, pecans, baked goods, artisan breads, personal and home care items, gourmet mustards, flower bouquets, and Art Prints. Watch for egg inventory to be updated Thursday afternoon.

Thank you for choosing to support local farmers and vendors!

Online Market is Open!!

We have some new products available this week – Thomas Stanford Art Prints, Cloth Face Masks (under sewn items), additional baked goods, and Sirloin Tip Steaks. Perennial Gardens is also adding plants each week as they are ready to sell so keep a watch on those if you’re ready to begin outdoor planting.

Enjoy shopping for your favorite items and consider adding a bouquet of flowers for yourself or someone that could use a pick me up! Remember that we are selling gift cards to our downtown businesses. Purchasing a gift card is a great way to show your support for them now and then use the card whenever you’re ready to shop or gift it to someone.

Have a great week and see you Saturday!

Egg Inventory Updated! Cloth Face Masks added

Egg inventory has been updated. Cloth Face Masks have been added. Garlic scapes available. Cornish Hens available. Additional flower bouquets added. Sirloin steaks are available. Lots of baked goods and breads available along with honey and pecans. Gourmet mustard would pair well with some smoked brats.

See you Saturday!

Online Market is Open!!

This week there are new plants available, beautiful flowers for your home, lots of in-season produce, the best beef, chicken, and pork around, pecans, farm fresh eggs, honey, artisan breads and baked goods(new options there as well), and personal and home care products.

You can still purchase gift cards to your favorite downtown businesses!

We appreciate all of our customers and thank you for continuing to shop with us and support the farmers market! Be sure to tell your friends how easy it is to order and pick up curbside.

Have a great week and see you Saturday!

Egg Inventory is Updated and Flower Bouquets Now Available!

Payne Family Farm has added additional egg inventory.

Welcome our newest farmer Lee Family Gardens! They have added a wide variety of beautiful flower bouquets as well as some produce.

Flowers for Easter would be a beautiful addition to your home!

Place your order by 10 p.m. tonight!

We're Open! New Products Available!

We have 194 products for you to choose from!

Opossum Hollow has restocked pork and added additional beef – like steak, tenderized round steak, chuck roasts, and more.

Vandevoir Farms has added more cuts and whole birds – from cornish hens to 3.5-4lb hens.

Perennial Gardens has added plants and herbs.

Our bakers make some of the most delicious breads, cookies, and pies.

We have farm fresh eggs, honey, and pecans.

You can even buy laundry detergent, hand soaps (plus refills), deodorant, first aid cream and more.

Enjoy shopping this week and we’ll see you Saturday.

Egg Inventory is Updated!

Egg inventory has been updated. There are 6 dozen eggs available, limit 2 dozen per family please.

Ground beef is also available with more selections coming soon.

Raised Rite Poultry had several 4-5 lb bags of chicken frames left and they are listed now for $6/bag. Makes great bone broth.

Vandevoir Farms will have updated chicken selections available online next week. This weeks went pretty quickly.

Remember you can purchase gift cards to our downtown merchants and support them during these difficult times. The cards can be used now or later. You could purchase them as gifts or for someone you know who is serving on the front lines right now. Many of our local restaurants are delivering locally and payment with a gift card makes it easy for all!

Thank you for supporting our local farmers, vendors, and businesses. See you Saturday!

Ground Beef Available

Opossum Hollow has added some ground beef to our online inventory. More beef inventory to be added next week! ????