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PLEASE READ - Online Market is Open Updates

Good morning everyone!

Vandevoir Farms has restocked chicken to include wings, drumsticks, thighs, breasts, and tenders. Opossum Hollow will be restocking pork and adding beef soon and their fresh greens, radishes, turnips, and herbs are available.

The Bread Basket, Babette’s Bakery, Mary Alifaire, Leah Lou’s Cookies, and Susi’s Kitchen offer a great selection of baked goods and artisan breads. We have honey and gourmet mustards as well.

Payne Family Farm is working to increase their flock. They have updated inventory and ask that you limit purchases to 2 dozen eggs per family. If you are shopping and eggs are sold out please check back on Thursday to see if they were able to add additional inventory.

Our goal is to continue to provide our community access to fresh, locally grown and made products. Our farmers and vendors are working hard to keep their products stocked and may need to limit quantities in an effort to serve our entire community well. Thank you for understanding and thank you for being such faithful supporters.

Our curbside pick up has been so easy and I appreciate everyone for working with me through these changes. We have an amazing community!

Have a beautiful week and see you Saturday!

Egg Inventory is Updated!

There are eggs avaialble this week! Inventory is updated.


Online Market is Open!

Good morning everyone!

Thank you to everyone who ordered last week and helped us work through our new pick up procedure. Your health and well being is very important to us.

I encourage you to pay online if at all possible. For the next few weeks the market surcharge will be waived but you will still be charged the credit/debit card processing fee.

Leah Lou’s Cookies joins us online this week. She makes a variety of cookies and baked items that are sure to be a nice treat.

Coming soon – Beef and re-stocked pork products. Chicken will be back mid-April.

Our downtown businesses need our support as well during these uncertain times so we’ve provided the opportunity for our customers to purchase gift cards as a way to show your support. The gift cards can be used now or later and would make nice gifts.

Enjoy shopping for the most fresh food in the area. See you Saturday!

Online Market is Open!

Good morning! I want to reassure you that we are closely monitoring information regarding COVID-19. We will continue our online market and as always we are committed to the health and safety of our customers.

There are two whole chickens left to purchase so if you’re needing some healthy, pastured chicken to add to your meal planning now is the time to get them. They are large birds but that means they will make several meals for your family plus you’ll have the bones for broth.

Lots of kale and lettuce available as well as spinach, bok choy, turnips and turnip greens, and more.

Please remember to wash your veggies as part of the process to prepare them for your meals.

Be sure to check out the amazing selection of breads and baked goods and don’t forget eggs, pecans, and honey!

I would like to encourage everyone to consider paying online or by check when you pick up. SNAP benefits and Cash will always be accepted.

See you Saturday!

Online Market is Open!

It seems that spring is in the air! Has winter left or will it return – that is the question. This is the time of year when farmers begin preparing fields and garden beds for planting, taking a risk with the weather. Chicks are being raised, hogs and steers are ready to take to market. Laying hens start providing an abundance of eggs as the days grow longer. The labor of the farmer provides fresh, locally grown foods so we can feed our families.

Our winter market has been going strong but I think we’re all ready to be outside again, in the fresh air, visiting with our community.

Mark your calendars for Opening Day, Saturday, April 18th in Memorial Park by the library.

Be sure to check out all the products available – at the top of the online market page you can scroll through Featured and New items. This week there are turnip greens, and you can find cilantro and parsley under the Herbs category. Create a meal kit for breakfast or dinner – we have eggs, bread, honey, sausage, and ham steaks for breakfast. Pick up a whole chicken to roast that will make you several meals plus broth, add greens and radishes for a salad plus a loaf of artisan bread or buy some brats to grill and pair with a gourmet mustard available here from Tajour Specialty Products. There really are so many options. Don’t forget a dessert item!

Have a great week and see you Saturday!

Online Market is Open!

Good morning! Hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weekend. In just a little over a month the outdoor market will be open in Memorial Park! Opening day is April 18th, mark your calendars.

We are so blessed to have the amazing farmers, bakers, and crafters that make up our market family. So much hard work goes into producing great quality products. I am thankful the community has access to fresh, locally grown food.

New additions this week are Cilantro and Parsley

Enjoy shopping this week. Be sure to check out the great variety of meats available. We offer both chicken and pork now. Beef is coming soon.

Thank you for supporting our vendors! Have a great week and see you Saturday!

Online Market is Open and Special Announcement!

I have a some great news to share with all of you! I was able to connect with a local farm that raises pastured poultry and they have decided to join the market. Please welcome Vandevoir Farms!

Located in Elm Springs, AR, Vandevoir Farms has been raising poultry locally since 2016. The farm started as a commercial free-range chicken operation that offered its birds part-time access to the outdoors. After testing this method, Vandevoir Farms has transitioned to become a small family farm raising poultry on pasture using a variety of movement-based approaches. The Vandevoirs take pride in the care given to their animals by feeding their animals high quality, non-GMO feed, moving their birds to fresh grass and bugs daily, and the consistent fresh air that they provide. Vandevoir Farms currently has a small selection of medium to large whole birds available but will have a new flock of choice cuts and whole birds in time for the Spring market to open.

I couldn’t be more pleased have this farm as part of our market family.

Now you can add chicken to your shopping list. One whole bird can make several meals, plus the frame can be used to make delicious, nutrient rich broth.

Enjoy shopping this week and see you Saturday!

Online Market is Open!

We really appreciate all the orders this winter! So thankful the weather finally cooperated so those greens could grow.

I know some of you have a sweet tooth so be sure to check out all the baked goods. Remember there is also personal and home care products available.

Well, time for you to shop and me to finish a late morning breakfast with my daughter. Have a good week and see you Saturday!

Online Market is Open!

Hope everyone is enjoying all the beautiful greens that have been available! I love the spicy greens mix.

If you have a favorite recipe to share using market products send it to me! I will be sharing it in the newsletter and on social media. If you have a photo of the meal send that too! It’s fun to see what others create.

Be sure to follow us on social media-
Facebook- Siloam Springs Farmers Market
Instagram – @siloam_farmersmarket

Have a great week and see you Saturday!

Online Market is Open!

Hope everyone was able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine yesterday! Autumn and I spent time outside with all the animals and took a long walk with the dogs. Windows were open and fresh air filled the house. It was a beautiful day!

Now, the weather forecast for mid week….well who knows what will happen. Thankful for hard working farmers.

Enjoy shopping this week! Remember we have pecans and honey to add to your orders.

See you Saturday!